Classroom Procedures

The two year old classrooms will have up to 11 students and two adults at most.

The three year old classrooms will have up to 15 students and two adults at most.

The four year old classroom will have up to 18 students and two adults at most.

Center Time Procedures

  • Centers include, but are not limited to: library, blocks, dramatic play, math, art, writing, play-dough, so on.

  • Each center has a maximum number of students that can play there at a time, ranging from 2-4 students.

  • Students will rotate through centers for a designated time. Once a rotation is over, students will clean up and participate in a "Brain break" or teacher-led song while each center is cleaned.

  • Every student will have individual and labeled containers for play-dough, sensory items, and art/writing utensils like crayons, markers.

  • Items like dress-up clothes, pillows, ect., will be sanitized between use and laundered weekly

  • ANY toy that is put in a child's mouth or sneezed on will be removed from the center until that item can be properly sanitized by staff

  • Centers will be cleaned/sanitized between center rotations and again at the end of the day.

  • This will ensure that we are allowing students to play and still be creative, while also trying to maintain the cleanest play spaces possible.