Restroom Procedures

Here are the Restroom Procedures we have in place:

  • Restrooms are deep cleaned by a custodian at least once a day after school hours

  • Restrooms will also be sanitized by Pre-K staff after each use. This includes:

    • door handles, toilet seats, toilet handles, and sink handles will be sprayed with a disinfectant spray

  • Students will wash their hands after each time they use the restroom.

  • Staff will sanitize their hands and/or change gloves before helping the next student use the restroom

  • Our older preschool classrooms do not have restrooms in the classrooms. If a class is taking a class restroom break, the pre-k staff will ensure the following:

  • Classes will go to the restroom as a group while the teacher and aide split the girls and boys up to use separate bathrooms.

  • Children will be monitored during every bathroom break

  • Restroom stalls will be disinfected following the above procedure