Staff Procedures

All of our staff will ensure your child's safety and their own by following the procedures below:

  • Sanitize and wash hands frequently throughout the day including before and after helping a child use the restroom, serving food, cleaning tables or toys.

  • Staff will also follow set procedures laid out on this website to ensure your child's safety throughout the day.

We are trying to limit how many staff come in contact with your child throughout the day. We have assigned a lead teacher and an aide to each classroom. We do have "runners" who will help transition your child in the mornings and afternoons for drop off and pick up. 

If a staff member is out unrelated to COVID-19, we will first try to cover with another staff member instead of trying to find a substitute.

  • We also have a list of possible subs that can easily be screened before being asked to come into the preschool classroom.

If a child or teacher tests positive for COVID-19, the individual and the class will go home for the quarantine period. The case will have to be reported to the health department. It may just be that class, but other directives may be given by the health department at that time that would cause the school to close.